Is the Finger Clear door guard easily to install?

Yes, the guard is self-adhesive with no additional fixings necessary. Please visit the resources and fitting guide for more information.



Can the door guard be used on external doors?

The guards are suitable for both internal and external doors.



Will the guard interfere with the opening of the door?

The guard will allow doors to open up to 180 degrees.



Can the guard be fitted to uPVC and patio doors?

Unfortunately, due to this style of door having oversize hinges, the guard will restrict the door's movement and as such we do not recommend its fitment.



Is the guard waterproof?

Yes. It is produced from rigid and semi-rigid PVC.



Where are the guards manufactured?

We proudly manufacture Finger Clear patented door guards in the United Kingdom.



How does the 'Buy two for the price of one' offer work?

For our 'Buy two for the price of one' offer you will need to add the total number of items you would like to be delivered. For example, to receive two Twin Packs, place two Twin Packs into the basket. The offer will automatically be activated and we will only charge you for one pack. The offer will be listed against the items in the basket and the same will apply for a Single, Four and Ten Pack.